Captain Howdy’s Alive… but How?!

Remember the end of Dee Snider’s interesting horror flick Strangeland, when Captain Howdy gets hung on a hook and then lit on fire? We all thought it was his fire filled demise, but was it really? Now that Snider is back on track and re-writing the script to Strangleland 2, we all want to know, how the hell is he still alive! Read on for the answer, and beware of spoilers!

Captain Howdy, oh how we miss you! Thank god someone has a brain! This weekend, I attended Transworld’s Halloween, Costume, and Party Trade Show here in Chicago (where I ran into Creature-Corners very own Ryan Rotten, nice guy!) and Dee Snider was out there promoting his new CD, Van Helsings Curse. I completely forgot about Strangeland 2 – considering its been almost six years already – thank god someone else didn’t forget!

Meanmachine78 got him to spill the beans on how Captain Howdy will be making his return to the big screen! “He basically told me that Captain Howdy can not only control pain, but control his body. Just as he can make pain disappear, he can make his body do other things – like turn off! Can that creepy Mr. Howdy really slow his hearbeat and turn himself off longenough to endure the pain of melting? Snider told me that we can expect Captain Howdy to be running around all grotesque and deformed in the sequel.. awesome!

Hopefully things will get rolling soon for this sequel, but according to the scooper, the script is still in the works.