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‘Friday’ Deleted Scenes Revealed, DVD Talk & ‘Birds’ Update!

Yesterday we brought you the latest chatter on a sequel to Friday the 13th, now we’ve got exclusive word on some of the deleted scenes you’ll find on the DVD (one that’s quite interesting), along with an update on Platinum Dunes’ remake of The Birds. Beware that spoilers do follow beyond the break and check out Jason Voorhees’ return to theaters on February 13th.


Friday the 13th (2009) Jason Voorhees One SheetBloody-Disgusting caught up with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form after last night’s press screening of their FRIDAY THE 13TH remake. We spoke about how the screening went and also had the chance to delve into the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake, THE BIRDS and what they think of the 3-D horror movement.

That was the first time that we’d seen the whole movie in front of an audience,” Brad Fuller told Bloody-Disgusting. “We loved it. It’s always nerve-wracking when you’re seeing new material in the movie because you have no idea how it’s gonna work out. We thought it went pretty well.

The screening included some new material that the producers hadn’t yet shown an audience. “There were three sequences that we’d never seen in front of an audience before,” says Fuller. “The opening credits where Mama Voorhees gets it in the head, the reveal of the mask and Jason’s death.

During one early cut of the film, Jason’s first kill had the nerve to urinate near the grave of Ms. Voorhees. Fuller says the scene just wasn’t necessary to establish Jason’s motivation. “When we edited the movie, we just felt it didn’t cut in well,” says Fuller. “It threw off the scene.

Fuller, Form and director Marcus Nispel crammed all the gore and boobs they could possibly get past the MPAA, but they promise plenty of leftovers for the DVD and Blu-ray. “[It will have] all the stuff wouldn’t have gotten past the MPAA,” Andrew Form says with a laugh.

There definitely will be some really fun stuff on the DVD,” Fuller adds. “Deleted scenes, alt scenes, an extended unrated cut of the movie with probably at least ten minutes of footage cut into the movie.

Now that Fuller and Form have undergone the fan scorn of FRIDAY fanatics and lived to tell about it, they are about to jump right back into the fires for a remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. “We’re going to get screwed either [way] on both of them,” Form says of the fan reaction. “We feel it on every movie. The fans hate us, they hate our movies… We have never been welcomed with open arms.

Nightmare will not be an origin story, per se, but the origin of Freddy Krueger is indeed crucial to making the movie work, especially for audiences that haven’t seen the original. “We did an origin story in our second CHAINSAW movie,” said Fuller. “I think if it’s a straight-ahead origin story, it’s problematic because people know how the movie’s going to end.

The balance is, `How can we get as much of Freddy Krueger’s background into this story so that people who are not huge fans know what’s going on and at the same time satisfy fans like yourself?’ That balance is a challenging thing to find and we’re still working on finding it. I’m not sure that we’ve cracked it exactly yet.

Much like FRIDAY, the producers don’t plan to make fans wait too long for the iconic character to surface in proper form. “It’s not going to be on page 75 that he puts on the sweater and the gloves,” says Fuller. “What really excites us about NIGHTMARE is that line between reality and the dream and the audience never knowing when you’re in a dream and [when] it’s literally too late.

The nature of a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake will require some CG work, but Fuller and Form are quick to promise not to overdo it. “There’s an enormous amount we can do in-camera,” says Fuller. “When you get into the dream world, which is amazing, you use CG, but you don’t use too much of it.

The fans hate the CG,” adds Form. “They hate it. We don’t want to piss them off more than we already do.

NIGHTMARE is next for Fuller and Form. If FRIDAY opens big, there’s certainly the possibility of a sequel. Somewhere in the mix, Platinum Dunes also has plans to do a remake of THE BIRDS with director Martin Campbell. “Whenever [Campbell] wants to make it and wherever he wants to make it, we are there to make it with him,” says Fuller. “The script is being worked on now and that script should go within the next month or so and then we’ll see how that plays out.

To close out the interview, we asked the producers what they thought of the recent wave of 3-D releases and whether they might consider it for NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. “We haven’t talked about doing [NIGHTMARE in 3-D], but again, we don’t have a director yet either. Maybe the guy who directs the movie, if that’s what he wants to do, then we’re open to having that discussion.

We are absolutely looking into 3-D as a viable alternative,” continues Fuller. “We don’t want to make a movie that feels gimmicky for the sake of making a 3-D movie, but if we have a script that fits into that, we would certainly look into it.



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