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UPDATE: William Forsythe to Portray ‘Mr. Gacy’



William Forsythe will portray the famed Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy, in the biopic Dear Mr. Gacy directed by Svetozar Ristovski, according to Production Weekly. Forsythe recently starred in Rob Zombie’s reboot of Halloween, along with The Devil’s Rejects. Check out the full release beyond the break from the Hollywood Reporter.
Gacy“Monster” producer Clark Peterson is tracking down another serial killer. Peterson will produce “Dear Mr. Gacy,” based on the real-life story of Jason Moss, a college student who became obsessed with notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

William Forsythe (“The Rock,” “88 Minutes”) will play Gacy, while Jesse Moss, who stars in Paramount’s current release “The Uninvited,” will play the role of Jason Moss.

European director Svetozar Ristovski (“Mirage”) will make his English-language debut with the feature, directing from a script by Kellie Madison. Gordon Yang is also producing, while Tom Berry and Madison are exec producing.

The project is based on the memoir “The Last Victim” by Jason Moss, who began corresponding with Gacy in 1994, the last year of the killer’s life. Moss eventually met Gacy on Death Row and even narrowly escaped an attack by him.

The twentysomething went on to gain a measure of celebrity from his interactions with Gacy, but his story ended tragically when he committed suicide in 2006. His book has been described by critics as a real-life “Silence of the Lambs.”

“The theme here is once you encounter that kind of darkness, it’s hard to escape it,” Peterson said. “Jason seemed to be a success because he had this encounter with John Wayne Gacy, wrote a book and went on tele


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