‘Evil Dead 4’ Not in the Cards?

With recent rumors circulating that New Line Cinema is expressing interest in Sam Raimi and Robert Taperts Evil Dead franchise, things have been heating up. Many sources are denying the rumors, while others are fully confident there is truth to the big news. Inside, we have another skeptic in Josh Becker, who claims there’s no Evil Dead 4 ever coming.
Moviehole writes, “There’s been a lot of rumours lately that New Line are working on using ‘Ash’ (Bruce Campbell’s character from the Evil Dead series) for the next Freddy vs. Jason sequel – as well as recent news that Sam Raimi is interested in doing another “Evil Dead” film.

“Evil Dead” guru Josh Becker, who wrote ‘the book of the dead’, as well as working on three films, chewed the fat with us yesterday and discussed the rumours.

“There is no truth in the rumour”, confesses Becker. “It’s my belief that there will never be an Evil Dead 4. Bruce won’t do it without Sam directing, and Sam has no reason to go backward and make another Evil Dead movie until his career falters, which it certainly isn’t doing.”

So is Becker happy about this resurgence in horror of late?. “Yes and no. Yes because I think horror films are a terrific place for young directors to start; no because most of them aren’t scary and are worthless to the genre. I don’t think anyone’s made a legitimately scary horror film since Aliens in 1986.”

Don’t give up hope yet fans – but things don’t sound as ‘full speed ahead’ as the rumour mill’s been letting on.”

Did you notice he only blasted the Evil Dead 4 rumor? Besides the fact, I have some solid sources that confirm the rumor of New Line getting that 20-page draft, and that Ash could still end up being in the midst of an epic battle between good and evil. Watch this spot.

Source: Moviehole