‘Shaun of the Dead’ Coming in Comic Form?

The world’s first romzomcom will be with us next month but for those who simply can’t wait for Shaun of the Dead’s cinema debut, an exclusive preview will be published in an upcoming issue of 2000AD. Read on for details on the hysterical looking Shaun of the Dead in comic book form!
Empire Online writes, “Illustrated by acclaimed artist Frazer Irving, the strip will appear in issue 1384 of the long running comic, on sale from 7 April. Entitled There’s Something About Mary, the strip will follow a tangential story that coincides with the events of the movie. It centres on a young checkout girl and how she comes to join the army of walking dead, tying in nicely with her subsequent appearance as flesh-eating monster in the movie itself.

The strip will be in three colours: black, white and red (naturally).”

Heres the news from 2000adnews, “It’s been a while since 2000AD last attempted a film tie-in (Danny Boyle’s A Life Less Ordinary) but the “top secret” project that Frazer Irving has been working on is finally revealed as a tie-in to the much anticipated Shaun of the Dead. Clearly a much better match to 2000AD’s readership than the Boyle movie, and benefiting from being written by the film’s creators, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, there are high hopes for this taster of the movie.

We caught up with Frazer Irving for more info:

“I called Tharg to see if he had a cover or 3 that needed doing cos I was looking to fill a gap in my schedule. He said he had this little preview thing that needed an artist and would I like it? Of course I said yes:)

The press release pretty much says all there is to say about the strip…it’s a trailer for the movie, and is done in b/w with red, like the cover.

As for more, well I don’t know. My involvement so far has been limited to putting ink on page, though once it sees print who knows what may develop from it?”

Hopefully reader reaction will be good enough to tempt the writers and Mr Irving back for more.

We should also get some more info from the writers late next week.

Here’s the press release in lazy cut n’ paste o rama:

2000 AD, Britain’s award-winning weekly sci-fi, fantasy and horror anthology comic, will be publishing an exclusive, five-page Shaun of the Dead story ahead of the self-styled ‘romzomcom’ going on general release. Scripted by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the movie’s screenwriters (as well as star and director respectively), and illustrated by acclaimed two-time National Comics Award winner Frazer Irving (Necronauts/The Authority: Scorched Earth), the strip will appear in Prog 1384, on sale 7 April 2004, two days before the film hits cinemas nationwide on 9 April. The issue will also feature an original Shaun of the Dead cover, again by Irving.

Titled ‘There’s Something About Mary’, the story follows a young supermarket check-out girl and how she comes to join the legions of the undead in the film. Rather than being an adaptation of a section of the plot, instead it weaves itself into the existing narrative, adding a further dimension to the characters.

Shaun of the Dead is an everyday tale of life, love and the living dead, focusing on a group of friends who encounter a literal weekend from hell as their lives, loves and personal squabbles are upstaged by a full scale invasion of the living dead. It stars Simon Pegg (24 Hour Party People, Spaced), Nick Frost (Spaced), Kate Ashfield (Late Night Shopping, The Low Down), Dylan Moran (Black Books) and Lucy Davis (The Office).”

Source: Empire Online,