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Toy Fair: First Look at Mattel’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Action Figures!!

Live from the 2009 New York Comic Con, Mattel brings die-hard film fans figures based on the classic 1984 comedy Ghostbusters! Figures on display include Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler and the mischievous apparition Slimer! The only thing I’m wondering is where the hell is Winston and if they’re making 12 inch figures, how big will the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man be!? Either way, the figures look incredible and are highly detailed (when did Mattel get their sh*t together?). Read on for a look and start talking about what you think should be next. reports: Mattel elaborated on their new Ghostbusters action figures at a panel today at New York Comic-Con. The toy line, which will be exclusive to the website, will be based on the motion pictures (classic), animated series AND the upcoming Atari video game. These will begin to see release this summer, one figure released every other month, in the following sizes:

* 6-inch Action Figures – each including multiple accessories and a pack-in ghost. These will retail for $20 each.

* 12-inch Action Figures – Ghostbusters will kick off a new line called 12″ Movie Masters. This opens the door for other movie licenses in the 12 inch format. Each Ghostbuster character will include light-up proton packs, real cloth uniforms and tons of operating equipment, such as traps that open and close. These will cost $60 each.

Click any image to see it larger and then head over to for LOADS of images:

Mattel Ghostbusters Action FiguresMattel Ghostbusters Action FiguresMattel Ghostbusters Action Figures



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