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Inside Producers Get Behind Creature-Feature ‘The Home’!

Last July we broke the news (and provided some production art) on Kristoffer Aaron Morgan’s The Home, which has Peter Jackson’s WETA official tapped to provide the practical and creature effects for the film. Today we caught wind from the EFM in Berlin that Franck Ribiere and Verane Frediani will be producing alongside Elijah Wood. Franck and Verane are the duo behind the incredible French horror film Inside, which was release last April here in the States. Beyond the break you can read an updated synopsis and check out some exclusive art from the film, which is pretty f*cking awesome. Click here for our exclusive interview with Morgan from last July.
Filming is scheduled for the spring in New Zealand . Casting is now underway in the UK and New Zealand.

Here’s is the updates synopsis from the EFM, watch for some new art later tonight.

Written by Eric Vespe and Matt Ward (from a story by Morgan), The Home unfolds after a young man is nearly killed during a horrible accident that leaves him physically and emotionally scarred. To recuperate, he is taken to a secluded nursing home where the elderly residents appear to be suffering from delusions. But after witnessing a violent attack, he soon realizes that the screams behind the walls are caused by more than hallucinations, and the residents are being preyed upon by twisted, monstrous nightmares that lurk within the home itself.

The Home Production Art



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