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Ben Rock Talks ‘Alien Raiders’, Reveals Next Projects!



This weekend we caught up with Ben Rock, director of Warner Home Video’s Alien Raiders, which streets next Tuesday, February 17th. During the interview he revealed to Bloody-Disgusting a few projects that are on his plate and addresses sequel possibilities. You can go directly to the interview here or read on for details on what’s next.
Before Alien Raiders director Ben Rock talked about his future projects, he touched on the fact that he already has an idea for a sequel.

>As with Rest Stop, I think our chances of making a sequel rest entirely on how well the movie does,” he explains exclusively to B-D. “That being said, I do have a concept for a sequel that I would love to pitch WB if they decide to consider it. Julia really invented a cool concept for an alien infestation here, one that comes via meteor rather than via spaceship, and I think there’s real potential for a story like this. Cross your fingers.

As for his future projects, Rock doesn’t want to speak too soon, but he does have a few horror items planned.

I’m always afraid to give details away, lest I look like a jerk if they don’t pan out, so feel free to call me a jerk if none of these happen,” he jokes. “I am working with BWP producers Robin Cowie and Gregg Hale and writer Mark Patton on a script called World Famous, a mistaken-identity-serial-killer film which I have high hopes for, but we haven’t gotten the greenlight yet.

He continues, “I’m also working with writer Bob DeRosa (the upcoming Five Killers) and producer Alicia Conway (Rite) on a project called Oblivion, which is a kind of metaphysical thriller.” But that’s just the top of the iceburg as he has more projects he’s developing. “I have a couple other horror scripts, that I’d love to set up – one’s a monster movie called Coyote and the other is a kind of slasher film where political pundits are the victims called Spin.

I think everything I do is grounded in horror, as that’s the genre I have always loved the most. Making Alien Raiders was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to make a horror film (even if it skews a little sci-fi), and I hope I get to make more!

So do we! Check out Ben Rock’s film on DVD next Tuesday.


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