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UPDATE: B-D Ignites Freddy Krueger Casting Rumors….

UPDATE #2: We received confirmation from Producer Brad Fuller that both stories are FALSE and that casting has yet to begin on New Line’s reboot. I was laughing my ass off when I saw this, but Latino Review is reporting that Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) is your new Freddy Krueger. Why did I find it so funny? Well, because Haley was OUR choice as the new Freddy Krueger in our Bloody-Disgusting casting call from January 12th for A Nightmare on Elm Street. In addition, various idiotic celebrity sites are posting fake quotes and confirmation that Lindsey Lohan is starring in the film. They are even claiming that this is confirmed by the producers of the film, which is 100% bogus. Don’t believe ANYTHING you hear unless it’s confirmed in one of the trades or here on B-D. Shooting is slated to begin in the next few months.
From Jeff Otto casting call on B-D: “Jackie Earle Hayley – Yes, it’s true, Hayley played a child molestor in his career-resurging role as Ronnie J. McGorvey in Little Children, but that’s not the only reason he’s the perfect man to reinvigorate the legendary dream killer. Hayley’s career is on the upswing and, let’s be realistic here, he is pretty creepy looking! The footage we’ve seen of him so far in Watchman as Rorschach looks pretty bad-ass and he just finished shooting a role as a mental patient for Martin Scorsese in Shutter Island. Good enough for Marty, good enough for Freddy Krueger. Hayley is the perfect choice to create a darker, more maniacal, scarier Freddy like the character that was first envisioned by Craven in the early `80s.



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