Taking Things Past the Terror – and Into the Courtroom

I might as well categorize this one under the Exorcist, since it’s a very similar story; only it digs past the terror and into the courtroom. Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment have scared up The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel, a horror thriller from writers Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman according to the Hollywood Reporter. Read on for details.
The Hollywood Reporter continues, “Derrickson also is attached to direct. A true story, the case of Michel is well known among those who study exorcisms. In 1976, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of an 18-year-old German college freshman. During her exorcism, the young woman died, and a priest stood trial for causing her death. The script unfolds “Rashomon”-style, with different points of view recounting the events. “Exorcism” will be produced by Boardman, Beau Flynn, Tripp Vinson, Lakeshore Entertainment’s Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi and Firm Films. The project was brought to Screen Gems’ Clint Culpepper by senior vp production Stacy Kalker-Cramer. Writing team Derrickson and Boardman wrote “Urban Legends: Final Cut.” They are repped by Endeavor, the Firm and attorney Karl Austen of Hirsch, Jackoway, Tyerman, Wertheimer, Austen, Mandelbaum & Morris.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter