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What’s Next for Craven, ‘Last House’ Sequel or ‘People Under the Stairs’?

Yes, there’s even more news from last night’s screening of The Last House on the Left, where we were told by numerous individuals that if the film performs well, they will in fact fast-track a sequel. Another project still alive and well is Craven’s remake of The People Under the Stairs, which we’re told they’re close to signing a director. “The script is looking very promising,” explaining that whomever directs the movie will decide what type of tone the remake will have. “We’ll find the director and see his or her take on it really.” Both People Under the Stairs and Shocker remakes are still over at Universal Pictures.
The People Under the Stairs is the story of a young boy (Fool) from the ghetto and takes place on his 13th birthday. In an attempted burglary (along with two others) of the home of his family’s evil landlords, he becomes trapped inside their large suburban house and discovers the secret of the “children” that the insane brother and sister have been “rearing” under the stairs.

The People Under the Stairs



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