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Very Interesting ‘H2’ Casting Call

As you all know Rob Zombie is off shooting H2, the sequel to his reboot of the Halloween franchise. While camera are rolling in Georgia, apparently the production team is still out casting some major roles for the film. This one is very interesting. Read on and see if you can help speculate what’s up.
Here’s the casting call that went out:

Daeg Faerch in Halloween[BOY] 8 to 11 years old, Caucasian, blond hair, blue eyes (long hair a plus), no taller than 4-foot-10. There’s a veneer of innocence about him, but he’s ultimately revealed to be very dangerous. We need a very capable young actor who is able to be both threatening and vulnerable…STRONG SUPPORTING ROLE

Ok, so I spent the past few hours with my thinking cap on and came to a few conclusions.

The first thought was that young Michael Myers might have an evil friend.

The second made a lot more sense. Have you seen recent pictures of Daeg Faerch, young Michael Myers? He’s freakin’ HUGE. My guess is that in order to have the flashback scenes that were rumored, Zombie is going to need a smaller version of Daeg.

We’ve been told Daeg is on set, so it looks like there could be a wide variety of flashbacks. I guess only time will tell.




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