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J.J. Abrams Talks ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel Development

After stomping all over the box office last January, it was shocking to hear Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams and director Matt Reeves nix the idea of a potential sequel. While some good news came out of Reeves last November, there was still a heavy cloud of doubt looming over the should-be project. This weekend J.J. Abrams was on hand at Wondercon to talk about his hit TV series “Fringe” (did you see that Brad Anderson episode? Wow!), and during the panel he explained that a sequel is currently in the works (yay!). Read on for the story.
From Comingsoon:

We’re actually working on an idea right now,” Abrams told the packed crowd. “The key obviously at doing any kind of sequel, certainly this film included, is that it better not be a business decision. If you’re going to do something, it should be because you’re really inspired to do it. It doesn’t really have to mean anything, doesn’t mean it will work, but it means we did it because we cared, not because we thought we could get the bucks. We have an idea that we thought was pretty cool that we’re playing with, which means there will be something that’s connected to ‘Cloverfield,’ but I hope it happens sooner than later because the idea is pretty sweet.



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