Jennifer Tilly Calls ‘Seed’ a Movie Within a Movie

Seed of Chucky star Jennifer Tilly, who plays the doll – and herself in the film, talked to SciFi Wire recently about the fifth Childs Play film and how she added some words of her own to the Tiffany dolls script. Read on for the story.
“Jennifer Tilly, who stars in the upcoming horror film Seed of Chucky, told SCI FI Wire that the sequel is a movie-within-a-movie, in which she plays herself as well as her character from the previous Chucky installment. Tilly said in an interview that she recorded the voice of the murderous doll Tiffany and even improvised some tongue-in-cheek remarks about her own career.

“I have Tiffany say, ‘I think Miss Tilly’s career is very underrated,'” Tilly said in an interview. “‘I saw her in this movie where she played an Eskimo … and she looked really cold. She’s a really good actress.’ And then there’s another where I say, ‘I think with playing me in Bride of Chucky, she’s finally going to get that Oscar recognition that she deserves.'”

Tilly even mocked her own weight problems. In one scene, the dolls struggle to drag the unconscious bodies of Tilly and her boyfriend. “They’re huffing and puffing, and Chucky goes, ‘This is the worst part about being a doll, when you have to move the body.’ And I go, ‘What the f–k are you complaining about? I’ve got the fat one.'”

To distinguish the two characters, Tilly altered her speaking voice for the doll. “I made Tiffany have a little more of a dolly voice, like a baby doll voice, and then I have Jennifer do more of a deeper, movie-star voice.”

Seed of Chucky is in production in Romania under Focus Features. Focus Features is owned by Vivendi Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.”

Source: SciFi Wire