Chucky and Tiffany Name Their Baby

I just received an email from someone who calls himself HorrorBuff, who attached an amazing scoop, which I cannot clarify as “real”, since the source was missing. But the extent of this scoop is so detailed, I don’t see any reason why this would be completely bullsh*t. Anyways, the scoop inside not only talks about the puppets and how they look, but it reveals Chucky and Tiffany’s baby’s name – “Glenn”. Read on for more details on how Glenn will look!
HorrorBuff sent in the following scoop from IMDB where someone claimed to have worked on the film take this as rumor only, “I found this information online, “I think you will be very happy with the way Glen looks, I assisted in the Puppet fabrication and Tony Gardner’s crew did a awsome job on the creation of the Dolls and FX work for the film I did some fabrication work on the dolls at Alterian Studios (Tony Gardner’s)..I would describe Glenn a well rounded mix of both Chuck and Tiff, but definately has unique facial features, I know the costume designer for the dolls is Paul Barrett-Brown (Batman Costumer designer) and did some amazing costuming for the dolls, I didn’t see any fully clothed dolls or puppets they were shipped basically naked to Romania and outfitted there.

I would compare Glenns face to a Marilyn Manson type character Basically Very Pale skin Darkened eyes, Gotic type, Tiff has the wedding dress as well as some other wardrobe, and good old Chucky has his trusty GG clothing, The clothing is done Perfectly but when you have one of London’s top fashion designers on the job I think perfection was expected, the shoes alone are master crafted,as well as the costumes created for Carrington to do the stunt double work.

Gardner chose the perfect costumer for the job that’s for sure, I have a direct line to the crew on set and get reports quite often, and I am hearing all is smooth and going very well. I have read the Shooting script, and I think it looks good, with some classic Childs Play “Bride Humor”, There is a Non Disclosure Clause with the film, that prevents any real details from being leaked, however there is a grey area to that clause as we all know there usually is. All I can really comment on is the FX work and costuming because thats all I had the chance to deal with, But the project was taken on by Gardner’s Artist Asylum and treated with the “Big Budget” care, expecially when all the work will be compared to Yeaghers and already is being questioned “will it be as good?”.

Honestly and not just blowing it up because I worked on some of it, I think Gardner and the rest of the crew nailed the sculpts and puppet work, and went beyond what Yeagher created in the past, Kevin did amazing jobs on the last films, and Gardner IMO matched if not exceeded expectations, No worries all The Puppets are amazing and have more range than the older ones due to current techno advances. and of course better materials to fabricate them out of…Also with some of the best painting crew in the buisiness (Vance Hartwell)LOTR’s, and FX crew I honestly see these being the best puppets to date..OK enough long winded talk.”

Update: You can read more about the FX over at Creature-Corner, who first discovered the dolls name as Glen, which I missed a little while back.

Source: HorrorBuff, IMDB