‘Dawn of the Dead’ Raises Moviegoers from the Dead

Score another one for horror! Every time a horror movie does well at the box office, another dozen begin production – woo! Evil wins a victory once again as Dawn of the Dead (review) knocked Passion of Christ off the number 1 spot with $27.3 million to become king of the dead! this pretty much secures Dawn as the number four highest grossing remake of all time and guarantees Dawn the top spot for highest grossing zombie film of all time, which it should reach by the end of next weekend. James Gunn is probably a very happy man right now. Ebert and Roper both gave the film thumbs up and all the papers in Chicago gave the movie over 3 stars! So if you haven’t seen Dawn yet, what in the blue hell are you waiting for? Post your comments under the review or at our Dawn Review Thread.

Source: Box Office Mojo