Small ‘Ring 2’ News from Oregon

Inside is a little news from Ringworld regarding where Dreamworks plans to shoot the sequel to the 2002 smash hit The Ring. Naomi Watts, David Dorfman and Daveigh Chase are all set to make their return in The Ring 2, which is set to hit theaters November 10th. The man behind the Japanese original, Hideo Nakata, is set to direct. Read on for the scoop.
The awesome Ring website Ringworld received the following scoop, “My aunt and uncle run a skating rink in Pendleton, OR, and the production crew for The Ring 2 have been in contact with them several times regarding the use of their facilities for some video game arcade scenes, since they are pretty much the only place in Pendleton with an arcade-type area. I’ve also heard from friends who still live there that the production crew has been snooping about, trying to find places to film. So yeah, it looks like they’ve decided to film The Ring 2 in and around Pendleton, OR.”

Source: Ringworld