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UPDATED: A PERFECT Look at Michael Myers’ New Mask in ‘H2’?

We all know Michael Myers is alive (but not sure how well) and will be returning in Rob Zombie’s H2. At the end of the first film it “appeared” that Laurie Strode popped a cap in his skull, but just how is her aim? Beyond the break you can check out a replica mask, which is said to be based on the actual sculpt used in the film hitting theaters August 28th. What do you guys think of it?
UPDATE: We’re being told that The Prop Shop is using some very obscure and “market” friendly wording and that this is NOT taken directly from Wayne Toth’s sculpt, as it “implies”. How’s that for karma?

The Prop Shop is selling their replica mask from Rob Zombie’s H2 for $249.99 on their website. Here’s what they write: “Our Psychopath H2 mask is based on Toth’s sculpt for the new Halloween due out in Aug. Our H2 mask is the most detailed mask we’ve ever offered! Screen accurate sculpt, paint and hair. Each mask is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Very limited, 100% hand made, not mass produced.

So is this the real deal? They say so. Check it out below, click the image for more…

Michael Myers mask

Michael Myers mask



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