Another ‘Nightmare’ First? *UPDATED!!*

I’ve checked this over with my contact at New Line Cinema: I received an email from someone who calls himself WryTer’ (cool name) who had a few things to say about the progress of Freddy vs Jason 2, which didn’t sound too good, only it was false. New Line’s full intention is to bring us Freddy vs Jason 2 NEXT! Inside is the false news so you know what to ignore.
WryTer’ sent in this bullcrap news ignore it if you see this anywhere else, WryTer’ writes, “Wes Craven has passed on making a new solo Elm Street. With the success of F vs J, he was asked to do one, but kindly refused. At least that’s the story I got from one of the writers who might be attached instead (one of three), who’s currently doing a re-write on Sword of Dracula. We were working on something together, until recently.

The deal is: NewLine are in talks with a rival studio to do a new Freddy vs Jason sequel, but negotiations to use a third character are taking longer than anticipated. So, the call’s out for a new solo Freddy Krueger movie, which they’d like to have out Early ’05, if not earlier – it’s all about keeping the fans interested while they get this F vs J sequel off the ground.