‘Versus: Ultimate Edition’ on the Way!

Oh man oh man! Zombies are getting hot these days, and if you’re just getting into zombie flicks, get your ass over to your local video store and check out Ryuhei Kitamura’s Versus. Then, after you’ve watched it about 300 times, because it’s so amazing, you can pre-order the Ultimate Edition online, which hits Japan on May 21st! Read on for the full description of this special set!
The Good: “Here comes the Ultimate collector’s edition of Ryuhei Kitamura’s cult classic! This edition includes 6.1ch DD-EX and DTS-ES soundtracks. New features include additional music and newly shot cuts that have been edited in and remixed. The bonus disc includes over two and a half hours of extras, including never-before-seen footages (21 mins.), deleted scenes, previously unpublished making-of featurette (10 mins., shown previously only at the preview right after the completion, “Behind Versus Part 1: The Birth of the Darkhero (27 mins.),” new making-of featurette “Behind Versus Part 2 – Versus the Legend (46 mins.),” “Nervous 1 (7 mins.),” “Nervous 2 (16 mins.),” “The Making of Nervous 2 (1 min.),” Trailers, and much more! About the movie: Packed with humour and no-holds-barred B-movie appeal, this extremely entertaining action horror flick blends sylistic and anime-like Yakuza action and Zombie horror elements. Prisoner KSC2-303 is an escaped convict who is ordered by the guys who helped him escape to keep a girl hostage. He refuses to comply, and there’s a gun fight, but soon they realize that the dead are coming back to “life” in the forest that they can’t escape from…”

The Bad: $52.72 US Dollars! Also, as of right now, no English subtitles have been announced and its Region 2. At least it’s NTSC Format. Order it at the link below, and buy Mr. Disgusting a copy too – he’s broke!

Source: CD Japan