A New Samara? What Are Your Thoughts?

I received a very interesting scoop last night, only I have one problem, I don’t know anyone who works with Dreamworks to confirm it. So take the following as rumor right now. I received an email from the owner of Daveigh Chase’s official site, who has some interesting news about the casting of Samara in The Ring 2. Read on for the scoop.
Now that’s creepy if you ask me!–>

Brent writes, “I run a site dedicated to Daveigh Chase at www.daveigh.net. I noticed that in your latest news of the Sequel to the American Remake of The Ring, that you credit both David Dorfman and Daveigh Chase as reprising their roles.

David Dorfman is indeed returning, however Daveigh, at the present time, is not signed on to return. For me, and a whole lot of people I know, this news is not good news. While this might change between now and when shooting begins, I highly doubt that it will, given the circumstances, which, I apologize, I am not at liberty to say at this time.

Just in case you are wondering how accurate my source is for this information, I got it straight from Daveigh, herself. Ms Chase regularly stays in-touch with us at daveigh.net.”

Now depending on what type of Ring fan you are, you might find this news good – or bad. Personally I would love to see a different Samara considering Chase looked NOTHING like the original creepy Japanese version names Sadako. Also, this news makes complete sense considering Hideo Nakata is directing the sequel, and he made the original, and I could see him hating Chase as Samara as well. Hopefully someone will get in touch with me and clarify this rumor!

Source: Brent at daveigh.net