Get Hyped for the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ DVD!

Time’s running thin – not only is New Line Home Entertainment’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD (DVD review) coming to a store near you next Tuesday – but our contest here at Bloody-Disgusting, where we are giving away five copies of the DVD, ends! Inside you’ll find some links to the contest and screenshots from the DVD set that blew my freaking mind! Fan of the Freddy vs Jason DVD? Then you’ll be happy you brought this one.
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Here is the official press release regarding both DVD editions:

Los Angeles, Calif., (December 15, 2003) — New Line Home Entertainment brings the horror home with the most terrifying hit of the year, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, on DVD and VHS March 30. With two distinctly different DVD versions debuting simultaneously; a special 2-Disc Platinum Seriesä Collector’s Edition DVD and a single-disc DVD, there is something frightening to satisfy all consumers.

The 2-Disc Platinum Seriesä Collector’s Edition DVD is loaded with extras such as a collectible/removable metal plate featuring an embossed image of Leatherface, crime scene photos, plus an entire disc of bonus features including deleted scenes and an alternate opening and ending. This version will be priced to own at $39.92 SRP, while the single-disc DVD version with fewer bonus features will be sold for $27.95 and the VHS for $22.99 SRP.

Inspired by a true story and the 1974 classic film of the same name, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre features rising young stars Jessica Biel (7th Heaven, upcoming Blade III: Trinity), Eric Balfour (Secondhand Lions, HBO’s “Six Feet Under”), Erica Leerhsen (Anything Else, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2), Jonathan Tucker (The Virgin Suicides) and Mike Vogel (Grind) as young adults stranded in a rural Texas town, only to find themselves fighting for their lives against a maniacal killer, Leatherface, and his bizarre clan. Screen veteran R. Lee Ermey, Lauren German, David Dorfman, Andrew Bryniarski, Terrence Evans, Heather Kafka and Marietta Marich co-star.

Marcus Nispel — prolific multi-award winning commercial and music video director (Puff Daddy, Elton John, Cher and LL Cool J) — makes his big screen-directing debut with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film is produced by industry veteran Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, The Rock, Bad Boys 2) and Mike Fleiss.

The original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has achieved staggering success since it first shocked and stunned audiences in 1974 with its bone chilling realism. The story is considered a landmark of its genre that has influenced countless filmmakers and spawned legions of fans around the globe. This new The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is quickly following suit, having grossed more than $80 million to date at the U.S. box office while winning the approval of long-time, die-hard horror fans.

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