Is ‘The Eye 2’ a Piece of Crap?

When I reported that New Line Cnema had purchased the remake rights to the Pang brothers highly anticipated sequel to The Eye, I thought the Pang bros. had something special on their hands. Well, before the movie could even begin some hype in the US market, a bad review has hit, and it’s really bad. Read on to be disappointed (I really hope this reviewer is an idiot).

Over at Aint it Cool News, they received the following review for the Pang brothers The Eye 2, which doesn’t sound too good.

“When a movie unexpectedly hits the big time it’s natural for the filmakers to greenlight a sequel. Very often the sequels fail to hold a candle to the original. Sometimes this is attributed to the principal cast & crew not returning while other times the effort is simply put to milk the potential franchise so a studio, an executive and/or the directors can make off with more loot by suckering their loyal audience into paying for a heap of dung.

The Eye 2 is no exception.

When the original was released it unexpectedly became a favorite amongst the local audience. Modestly budgeted it earned a handsome return for its financers, our very own, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures. Even foreign audiences lapped it up and a Hollywood studio has already purchased the rights to remake it.

Who then wouldn’t want to film a sequel and earn some easy cash?

The sequel bears very little in common with the original other then the fact the lead (played excellently by Shu Qi) starts seeing dead people after a near death experience. Ofcourse the more educated members of the audience will realise this is just a ploy by the filmakers to justify the films title.

Honestly, they could have gone with a different title like “Haunted Mothers” or something and it wouldn’t have affected the movie, only the final box-office results would. Hence, the originals title was retained with ofcourse a number 2 added at the end of it. How original!?!?

The rest of the movie is just as original (that’s sarcasm incase you fail to notice it). I was so bored during the proceedings that I came this close to nodding off if not for my friend keeping me awake with his hilarious description about how utterly lame the movie was.

The movie doesn’t seem to make up its mind about whether it wants to be a horror movie or tragic love story. Try bringing a oblivious friend to this movie after the titles have passed and I’m sure they’ll think they’ve walked into a tragic saga about love lost.

A few bumps are thrown in but nothing innovative or even scary appears on screen. It seems Asian horror filmakers are obsessed with females with long free flowing hair. Well, for all you aspiring Asian horror filmakers just to let you know we (the audience) are tired of it. How about a little creativity, eh?

There’s only 1 remotely scary scene and that’s about it. Others will either register laughter from the audience or have you wishing you could join the dead.

Skip this at all costs. It’s not even worth the price of a DVD rental. All you pregnant women should consider yourself lucky since Mediacorps marketing division did you a favor by warning you before hand.”

Source: AICN