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‘XXXombies’ Stripped Down for the Big Screen

If Zombie Strippers was too tame for you (and it was), “Fear Agent” creator Rick Remender is in progress of adapting XXXombies for the big screen. “XXXombies screenplay is almost done,” wrote Remender on his Twitter feed last week. “Rewriting the story so many times has [made] it rock solid but I’m really tired of looking at it.” MTV got in touch with the writer for more info, check out inside.

Crawl Space Volume 1: XXXombiesSo, given that tease, MTV contacted Remender to get the scoop on this mysterious “XXXombies” screenplay.

Right now I’m writing a screenplay for `XXXombies’ with [series co-creator] Kieron Dwyer,” Remender told MTV News. “The transition was smooth, because I took the script that I did and then Kieron and I broke it down into a treatment and did three or four passes to get the story perfect, and now it’s just a matter of breaking the treatment down and copying bits of dialogue from the comic script, rewriting, and new dialogue.

I already know the characters and I know the story so the process is going very smoothly,” added Remender. “We should be finished with the screenplay by the end of this month.

When pressed for some details about where the script is headed, however, Remender could neither confirm nor deny that a studio was already attached to the project. More details soon.

From Amazon: Collecting Crawl Space issues #1-4, featuring a blood-drenched thriller of the pornographic undead, XXXombies!

With hopes of paying off his debt to a ruthless mob boss, sleazy porn producer Wong Hung Lau gathers a bevy of adult stars for a sequestered weekend of filmmaking. However, when they emerge days later, they discover a zombie plague has overrun a now-quarantined Los Angeles.

Eisner award nominees Tony Moore (The Walking Dead) and Kieron Dwyer (Remains), return to the zombie genre with fan-favorite writer Rick Remender (Fear Agent) to illustrate these boogie nights of the living dead.

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