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After Dark Horror In Your House

After an abysmal release list last Tuesday, this week’s Horror In Your House is dead set on breaking the bank. Hopefully you’ve got Netflix, because this week you can not only pick up all “8 Films to Die For” from Lionsgate and After Dark Horrorfest, but Grindhouse is putting Lucio Fulci’s The Cat in the Brain on DVD in a special limited edition release. You can see everything hitting retailers tomorrow by reading on.
Horror in Your House
March 31, 2009

AUTOPSY: Lionsgate

Emily Johnson, her boyfriend Bobby and their friends Clare and Jude are recent college grads driving cross-country, taking a last vacation together before they face the real world. An accident leaves them hurt and stranded on a lonely Louisiana road. When the ambulance arrives, it whisks them to Mercy Hospital. With a minimal staff and many of its floors empty, the hospital is an eerie place…but that’s only the beginning.


Two classic Bollywood horror movies. Sex, blood, dancing vampires and hairy beasts in an unmissable double bill of wild, Bollywood style entertainment. In Veerana: Vengeance of the Vampire, a local landowner’s daughter is possessed by the spirit of a dead witch. She becomes a bloodsucking seductress. In Purani Haveli: Mansion of Evil, an innocent girl unwittingly releases the ancient curse contained in her family’s old country mansion. Statues come to life, hairy beasts roam the corridors, the bodies pile up. Can nothing stop the evil they have unleashed?

THE BROKEN: Lionsgate

The life of a successful radiologist spirals out of control when she sees the spitting image of herself driving down a London street. While attempting to uncover who the imposter could be, she stumbles into a terrifying mystery that her family and closest friends are somehow involved in, leaving her with no one to trust.

TEX SAYS: This is the one you’re gonna wanna see if you’re a huge Lena Headey fan. For my money, it’s like a bad Hitchcock rip-off of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


The third installment in the theatrical franchise…A young man with the power to time travel attempts to solve the mystery of his girlfriend’s death…but in doing so, is he causing the death of many more?

TEX SAYS: A few years ago, Butterfly Effect 2 made my worst films of the year list. This one is much better than that one…still not saying much.

CAT IN THE BRAIN: Grindhouse

Acclaimed Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci, director of ZOMBIE and THE BEYOND, stars in this blood-soaked epic as a director being driven insane by his own movies. Fulci is thrust into an ultra-violent nightmare of death and depravity where murder and madness consume his sanity in a vortex of violence.

TEX SAYS: Check out Lucio Fulci play himself in this Fellini-esque bloodbath.


Karl Kopfrkingl works at a stately crematorium in Prague. Obsessed with his duties, he believes he is liberating the souls of the departed. With Nazi forces gathering at the Czech border, Karl descends into a mania that allows him to wholly enact his disturbed beliefs. No one is safe from his quest for salvation, not even his own family.


Adapted from a story by H.P. Lovecraft. A Seattle history professor, drawn back to his estranged family on the Oregon coast to execute his late mother’s estate, is reacquainted with his best friend from childhood, with whom he has a long-awaited tryst. Caught in an accelerating series of events, he discovers aspects of his father’s New Age cult which take on a dangerous and apocalyptic significance.

TEX SAYS: I’m really torn about my pick of the week with so many great and must see films arriving on Tuesday. Cthulhu made my Top 10 of 2008–although I promise it will definitely divide its audience. Give it a shot, but maybe you’ll wanna read the review first.

DYING BREED: Lionsgate

On their quest to find a rare tiger, four hikers venture deep into isolated territory of Tasmania and into the small township of “Sarah”. Nestled within the impenetrable forests of Western Tasmania, “Sarah” was the hideout of the infamous cannibal nicknamed “The Pieman” in the 1800s. The township lives on passionately upholding its heritage in honour of the convict patriarch that gave birth to it. It needs to stay hidden to survive…but it also needs fresh “stock” to breed.

TEX SAYS: One of the great shining hopes of this year’s After Dark Horrorfest is this Australian thriller about backwoods cannibals. Sound familiar? Sure. But it’s still a pretty great little flick.


On the run from an asylum for the insane, a feisty young girl and her forlorn female companion embark on a surreal journey with a group of traveling erotic dancers. Wandering from the fantastic to the farcical and back again.


Striking for the third time, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR 3 unleashes another hallucinogenic orgy of the uncanny, the dreadful, and the macabre. Employing a mesmerizing montage of terrifying tropes and fiendish footage, our kino-coven conjures more than a bewitching hour of visionary cinema. Pounding a stake through the heart of genre convention, this shocking program expands the cinematic language of fear, breaking the chains of narrative logic and leaving only the black void of the infinite unconscious.

FROM WITHIN: Lionsgate

A rash of suicides hit the small community of Grovetown, causing fear and panic among local residents. As those around 18 year old Lindsay continue to die gruesome deaths, she begins to distrust everyone and suspects she will become the next victim.


In this loving homage/parody of the Italian cannibal genre of the late 70’s and early 80’s, private investigator Jack Steele is hired by a mysterious treasure hunter to help find the lost treasure of Marco Polo. Along for the trip is Jack’s adopted son, Billy. Their search brings them to an island off the coast of Argentina… and into the clutches of a primitive cannibal tribe, the Yamma Yamma. Alexis Kinkaid, a mysterious recluse who has made his home on the island amongst the cannibals, may hold the key to unlocking the island’s secret… if they don’t end up in the belly of a savage first!

OGRE: First Look

Ogre follows a group of traveling teenagers who stumble upon a small, ageless village. Here they find a paradise of immortality – the residents are free from disease and have an abundance of harvest. However, they soon discover that everlasting life had its price. The town made an ancient pact with the Ogre on the mountain: an annual human offering in exchange for status quo. The teenagers find themselves trapped as the villagers desperately seek their next sacrifice.

PERKINS’ 14: Lionsgate

Ten years after officer Dwayne Hooper’s son disappeared, the final of 14 victims in a string of local unsolved disappearances, his suspicions are aroused by prison inmate Perkins. Dwayne searches Perkins’ house and discovers a collection of torture videos featuring the missing victims from the past. In a fit of rage, Dwayne kills Perkins. But things get complicated when a wave of carnage which sweeps the town, with reports of Dwayne’s own son amongst the marauding psychopaths.

TEX SAYS: Vote online, make a horror film. Sounds pretty paint-by-pixels to me. Looks that way too.

THE RAVEN: Liberation

A lavish masquerade party in a creepy mansion takes a terrifying turn when a masked killer crashes the party. As the guests get picked off one by one, old grudges and new suspicions threaten everyone’s survival.


In this dark and macabre film, Dita Von Teese plays the sister of Francis, who believes Satan is coming to earth to purge the world of sinners and take his sister’s soul with him. His nightmare is made all the more real with lurid visions of his sister’s naked corpse fawned over by the minions of Satan. Francis must commit a terrible dead and complete his twisted journey to find out if it was real or all a terrible mistake.


MISTRESS FRANKENSTEIN: Victor Frankenstein brings his deceased wife (Darian Caine) back to life with hilarious and sexy consequences! An outrageous and super-sexy girl-on-girl twist on the classic tale by Mary Shelley. Star Darian Caine’s favorite Seduction Cinema film!

GIRL EXPLORES GIRL: From beyond the stars come two aliens – not to destroy our world, but to learn how to reproduce and save their dying planet. Will they succeed? Or will their unexpected attraction to earth women mean the death of their civilization? Starring Darian Caine and Victoria Vega. Regarded by fans as one of the hottest Seduction Cinema film ever made.

THE EROTIC GHOST: Sexy yet unfulfilled housewife Doris (Darian Caine) experiences ultimate pleasure with a ghostly lover and two horny demons in this uniquely erotic feature starring voluptuous Penthouse Pet Tammy Parks


Dr. Anna is a young, sexy psychologist, who is provoked by deranged patients into sadomasochistic nightmares. The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi is a strange, twisted psycho-sexual thriller depicting one woman’s depraved descent into madness and mayhem.


Diminutive former kiddie-show host Torben Bille – stars as the pint-sized pervert who imprisons drugged teenage sex slaves in the attic of his drunken mother’s decrepit rooming house.

SLAUGHTER: Lionsgate

Faith thinks she is leaving her abusive relationship behind when she moves in with Lola on her family farm. Each night the girls go out, Lola comes home with a man. When Faith realizes these men never make it off the farm, she starts to believe Lola’s family might be killing more than just animals in the slaughterhouse.

TERROR CIRCUS: Shriek Show/Media Blasters

Three beautiful young women are bound for Las Vegas to become showgirls. And it’s not long before their car breaks down and they’re stranded in the middle of the Nevada desert. After spending the night in their car, a man named Andre offers them a lift to his place and a tow truck. But the girls quickly learn there’s more to Andre than meets the eye and they’re soon taken prisoner, joining a slew of other women. Andre fancies himself a ringleader and these girls are trained and whipped like animals in a circus. Meanwhile, Andre’s daddy is a hideous mutant locked in a shed, and one of his captives reminds him of his dead mommy. Escape seems hopeless at first but pretty young girls don’t go missing without someone noticing.

TIMECRIMES: 6-Shooter/Magnolia

A man being pursued by a murderer stumbles into a mysterious lab and accidentally travels back in time. A naked girl in the midst of the forest. A cloaked stranger with his face covered in bandages. A disquieting mansion on the top of a hill. All of them pieces of an unpredictable jigsaw puzzle where terror, drama and suspense will lead to an unthinkable sort of crime. Who’s the murderer? Who’s the victim?

TEX SAYS: I know B-D staffer David Harley is a big fan of this flick. I haven’t seen it yet. Shame on me. Gonna get this one immediately.

VOICES: Lionsgate

Based on the best selling comic book series. After witnessing a family member thrown of a balcony by her fiancée on her wedding day and the violent stabbing of her aunt, a young woman comes to realize she may be next in line. She desperately tries to find out why those around her turn on her and why she seems marked for death. Who can she trust – where can she turn for help when it seems everyone is out to get her. If only she can survive the murderous rage of friends and even her own family long enough to uncover the secret.


XOMBIE is the story of Dirge, a dead man with a mind of his own, who struggles against his posthumous cravings (not to mention legions of the walking dead) to reunite a lost child with her family. With the help of his trusty undead canine Cerberus, our hero treks across the hostile future wastelands, facing zombified creatures of every shape and size. Can Dirge protect a small child against the unrelenting armies of the dead? Will he discover other zombies like himself? And if a monster (no matter how grotesque) saves a human life, is it really a monster after all?



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