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‘Night of the Creeps’ Special Edition Director’s Cut on DVD!

Some big news for you “creeps” fans out there (including me) as (Horror Talk Radio) had a brief chat late Thursday with DVD producing mogul Michael ‘Slipcase’ Felsher from Red Shirt Pictures where they learned that this Halloween is going to be creepier than ever with Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps at least hitting official DVD!
Felsher tells Deadpit, “In October Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing Night of the Creeps to DVD in a directors cut special edition, it is coming out officially for the first time ever. Fred Dekker is already working on it, It’s going to be the director’s cut with the original ending. We’re going to go balls to the wall with the special features on it…I talked to Sony today its official, we’re going ahead and its coming out in October!’ ‘It’s officially In production…and moving forward, its coming!

Listen to the entire conversation on the April 3rd edition of DEADPIT Radio over on the website DEADPIT.COM



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