Warner Bros. Goes Remake Mad!!

Warner Bros. has jumped on the bandwagon in a serious way after they’ve got the House of Wax remake rolling, as they’ve hired Dave Kajganich to work on two more remakes that I think you might really be interested in! Read on to be surprised!
Variety reports that Dave Kajganich has been hired to write the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. owns the remake rights to pic after making the 1993 pic Body Snatchers, directed by Abel Ferrara.

Kajganich is also penning an update of the 1979 ghost tale The Changeling, which is quite similar to The Ring, for Focus Features. Joel Michaels is producing, with Amanda Klein and Glen Williamson exec producing. Pic is being overseen by Focus’ Kahli Small.

Kajganich recently penned Town Creek, which is also set up at Warner Bros. and is currently out to directors. Robyn Meisinger and Tom Lassally at Kustom Entertainment are producing.

Source: Variety