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Breck Eisner Updates ‘Black Lagoon’ Reboot

Bloody-Disgusting had the chance to catch up with director Breck Eisner on the set of The Crazies earlier today. We’ll have a full report from that set later this week, but today we got an update on the Creature From the Black Lagoon remake that Eisner is directing from a script by Gary Ross.
Creature from the Black LagoonAfter THE CRAZIES, CREATURE is the most likely next project for Eisner, although Universal hasn’t given it the official green light just yet. “I don’t know,” Eisner told press. “We turned in another script. I think they are probably going to see how WOLF MAN does and then we’ll probably know from there.

I haven’t really been on top of it for a month,” he added. “I’ve been in Georgia making [THE CRAZIES]. But I’m hoping. We’ve been on it for two years. We’re all very excited. We came so close to going. We were in prep before the Writer’s Strike.

The look of the Creature is set, although Eisner was careful not to reveal too much. “The creature design is done. McQuarrie did the designs. It’s a combo [of CG and man-in-suit]. For close-up, [it will be] suit work, for moving shots, wide and underwater stuff its probably going to be CG. We’re still R & D’ing the CG stuff of the underwater, but it’s definitely both. Some of the underwater movement of the character can’t be done by a guy in the suit.

The CREATURE remake wasn’t initially envisioned as a 3-D project, but with the current renaissance of the process, Eisner admits it might be a possibility. “We weren’t [considering 3-D] before, but the landscape in the last year has changed. You expect it to be. People have forgotten the original is, but they’ll remember it once the next one comes out.

We’ll have more from Eisner as well as a full report from the set of THE CRAZIES later this week.



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