Ash Tip-Toes Around the Question

With the last post giving us something to chuckle at, yet raising our hopes, the following interview with Bruce Campbell raises yet more questions, this time about Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, and thus about the last post (confused?). Read on to see what Mr. Campbell had to say.
You know what rocks about Bruce? The fact that you can count on Bruce to be Bruce, and his answer to the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash question below makes me belive the talks are still steaming on. Keep those fingers crossed.

After Death Movie interviewed Bruce Campbell, here’s the lot of it:

“Bubba Ho-tep has been announced for DVD release in May which will be at the end of a series of sporadic screenings across the U.S. If it’d been picked up by one of the studios and released on a huge-scale, how do you think it would have fared…do you think it would have worked with the theatrical crowd just as well as the home video audience?

Bruce: The reason we all fought to get it released in theaters was because of the reaction we got from several festival screenings.

Ossie Davis – one of the greatest actors who ever lived?

Bruce: He’s one of them, sure. On top of that, he’s got a bagful of poise, humor and patience – qualities that you can’t help like in anyone. I was glad to have been able to work with him.

Have you guys had a lot of input on the special features of the DVD?

Bruce: It wasn’t that – they wouldn’t leave us alone!Yeah, there are gobs of extras, and a few things that haven’t been done before re: commentary.

Any chance you and Coscarelli might knock out another Joe Lansdale story in the future?

Bruce: We’re looking into it already. He has a few things that we are sniffing out.

Okay, with you showing up in the Spiderman flicks and the thousands of false rumors about you playing every superhero ever created, what is your opinion of comicbooks being adapted to film?

Bruce: As a general rule, I’d say if you liked the comic book, you might like the movie, but if you’re not a comic book fan, those movies ain’t for you.

How did the Sci-Fi Channel deal come about?

Bruce: I think mainly because a sci fi flick called Terminal Invasion did pretty well when it first aired on the channel. Screaming Brain was over there for consideration, and I think those good numbers sped the process along.

Are you going to have to deal with anything in terms of time or budget constraints, Bulgaria, etc. on Man with the Screaming Brain?

Bruce: Yes, yes, and yes. Making low-budget movies elevates “dealing” to high art – it’s all about scraping a buck here and there, but I saved some $ by setting it there.

Okay, I’ve gotta ask. There are rumors about that there exists at New Line a treatment for this 20 page Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash flick and they are trying to secure the rights to the character. Is there any truth to this as far as you know?

Bruce: Shadowy truth. Watery truth.

With the book, Screaming Brain, and all the other projects you’ve been into lately, when will you be able to take a break and rest?

Bruce: Jokers like me have to keep swimming. That’s what we do. I’m slowing down a bit, and I’d like to do less, but you have to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.”

Source: After Death Movie