Chicago Flashback Takes on Buffy and Angel!

Time for a big Chicago announcement! If you’ve been checking our site out for the two plus years we’ve been here, you know we’ve been covering the Chicago Flashback Weekend every year. Last year Robert Englund was the guest of honor, which rocked – well this years even better – if you’re a huge fan of Buffy and Angel. Read on to be completely amazed by this guest list for the event that kicks off May 14th!


Chicago ANGEL/BUFFY Fan Event

Holiday Inn O’Hare International May 14-15-16, 2004

Tickets are now on sale for the ONLY scheduled US convention appearance of

David Boreanaz! Order now for best seating.

Convention activities will be held at the Holiday Inn O’Hare International in Rosemont, IL. The convention will also include a huge dealers room, a costume contest, a “Halloween-in-May” party, karaoke, photo-ops and autograph sessions with the celebrity guests, a bus ride to the Pickwick for the KANE concert, and more!

Scheduled Guests will include:

David Boreanaz “ANGEL” – We are proud to present the star of WB’s “ANGEL” in his only scheduled US convention appearance.

Christian Kane (“Lindsay McDonald”) – Christian Kane is back as Lindsay McDonald on the current season of “ANGEL”. This is Christian’s only scheduled US convention.

Stephanie Romanov (“Lilah Morgan”) – Stephanie was unforgettable as Lilah Morgan, the beautiful and ruthless “Wolfram and Hart” attorney who would do whatever it took to succeed during the first four seasons of “ANGEL”.

Elizabeth Anne Allen (“Amy Madison”) – Portrayed “Amy the Witch” (and a three-year stint as “Amy the Rat”) on “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER”.

Camden Toy – Camden has portrayed some of the most memorable monsters and demons on “BUFFY” and “ANGEL”. He portrayed one of the lead Gentlemen on “HUSH”, as well as the Uber-Vamp and Gnarl on “BUFFY”, and “The Prince of Lies” on “ANGEL”.

Charles Cyphers (Coach Marin) – Charles portrayed Xander’s swim coach in “GO FISH”. His film roles include “HALLOWEEN”, “HALLOWEEN 2”, “THE FOG”, “ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”, and many more! We are happy to welcome Charles to his first BUFFY convention!

Scott Schultz – Scott has battled both David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar on “ANGEL” and “BUFFY” as various demons over the years. Scott has been seen in many film roles including “SPIDERMAN”, “STARSKY AND HUTCH” and “OCEAN’S 11”.

KANE in Concert!

Christian Kane (“Lindsay McDonald” on “ANGEL”) also provides lead vocals for the popular Southern/Country rock band KANE. KANE will be performing in Chicago on May 15, 2004 at the Pickwick Theatre in Park Ridge, IL, just minutes from Chicago. The Pickwick Theatre is a beautiful 1400-seat Art Deco movie palace and performing arts complex celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Tickets are now on sale! Early registration rates expire April 15, 2004.

For ticket sale information, please visit our website at or call (847) 478-0119.

Source: Flashback Weekend 2004