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Perlman Ready to Don Studded Jumpsuit for ‘Bubba Nosferatu’

Bloody-Disgusting reporter Jeff Otto just got off the phone with Ron Perlman, who was on hand to talk about his forthcoming alien battle in Mutant Chronicles. During the conversation, Jeff turned the subject to Bubba Nosferatu, the long-delayed and highly-anticipated sequel to Bubba Ho-tep that has been in the works for years now. The news is good, very, very good. You can read what Perlman had to say beyond the break.
The long-delayed BUBBA HO-TEP sequel BUBBA NOSFERATU is finally nearing a production start date. Don Coscarelli returns to write and direct again. Unfortunately, Bruce Campbell has decided to pass on the second go-round, but it’s hard not to like his replacement, Ron Perlman. Also the addition of Paul Giamatti as Elvis’ shady manager Col. Tom Parker makes the project particularly intriguing.

Bloody-Disgusting spoke to Perlman earlier today and the actor confirmed that the wheels are in motion to get NOSFERATU off the ground this year. “I’m hearing that its looking really, really good that we’ll shoot it the minute I get done with SONS OF ANARCHY, which is early October,” Perlman told BD.

The plot is “under wraps,” according to Perlman, but the actor did say that the story is a good one and very much in line with the first film. “As sequels go, it won’t disappoint,” says Perlman. “If you liked the first one, I think you’re going to really dig the new take.

Although the casting of Perlman as the King of Rock n’ Roll may seem a bit odd, its probably no odder than the casting of Bruce Campbell when we first heard it. “I loved the original,” says Perlman. “I was really surprised to hear that Bruce Campbell did not want to reprise the role. So we have his blessing. I know Bruce and I would never want to go in and replace him unless he said, `Hey man, I don’t want to do this one again, but good luck with it.’ So I loved the original. I love the fact that this one has Paul Giamatti in it, who I am a huge, huge fan of. And its a cool script.

Perlman says it was his love of the original movie that drew him to NOSFERATU rather than any particular desire to play out a lifelong Elvis fantasy. “I was never an Elvis freak,” admits Perlman. “The frenzy that he whipped the world into, I did not become a part of. I admire him and I think he was a really compelling figure, but his music wasn’t the kind I was listening to as a kid growing up. I was a jazz guy. Elvis for me was more of an acquired taste, but I think he was an amazingly talented guy who had a very tragic life because he was such a slave to what the world wanted from him. In that regard, he really touches me.

So is Perlman practicing his hip-swivel in front of the mirror? “I’m hoping that it kind of just washes over me when I put on the white jumpsuit.



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