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‘Toolbox Murders 2’ Update, First Casting News!

Here’s a little late night snack for you horror hounds. This evening I got in touch with Dean Jones, the man behind the long-delayed Toolbox Murders sequel, who finally has some news on the film’s progress. Beyond the break you can find out the first casting news, see the new tentative title and read what Jones has to say about the project. Watch this spot for plenty more as the film finally goes into production!

What we’ve been told is that Dean Jones is still set to direct the sequel to Toolbox Murders from his own screenplay. The working title is currently TBK, with a new website slated to be launched in the coming weeks.

Casting is currently in progress, although, Brain Krause (Growth, Triloquist), Jeffery Combs (Re-Animator), Tony Todd (Candyman), Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Pumpkinhead), and Red West are already on board.

This script is very powerful, provocative, and original and rises far above the last Toolbox,” he tells Bloody-Disgusting. “I work in a world where I create death on a daily basis and so with that in mind this script will have highest body count ever in the history of horror films.

He continues, “However, the story will not be gore for the sake of having gore…it has depth and style.

Our previous report indicated that the story will continue to take place in Hollywood. This time you will see more of the killer, there will be more murders and more of a backstory about where he’s from and how he came to be.

Tobe Hooper directed the first film back in 2003, which was a remake of the classic from 1978. The reboot took place in a historic Hollywood hotel that’s been subdued for decades – but when renovations start, a series of murders take place.

Jones’ make-up credits include Chain Letter, Fast & Furious, Train, Day of the Dead, Mortuary, Dead Birds, the first Toolbox Murders, and many more.



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