Hellraiser Series 3 and the Special Piece Revealed!

Randy over at NECA sent me over the final card for their third series of the highly popular Hellraiser toy line. The 3rd Series of Hellraiser Figures is due later this Summer. Series III will include the following characters: Hell on Earth Pinhead, Female Cenobite, Frank, Bloodline Twins, and the Deluxe Boxed Set Dr. Channard with Tentacle and Base. As with previous Hellraiser Series’ there is a bonus incentive for collecting all 4 Blister Carded figures. In Series III each figure comes with a section of Leviathan (the large diamond shaped object) Collecting all 4 figures allows you to assemble your own 18″ tall Leviathan. Read on to take a look at these beauties.

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Source: Hellraiser the Movie