More Crazy Asian Cinema Coming to the US

According to Fangoria, “The Artsmagic DVD company, a British outfit specializing in shocking Japanese cinema, is now preparing to invade the U.S. Its first Stateside disc release will be Takashi Miike’s FULL METAL YAKUZA, a typically berserk sci-fi/horror/comedy about a bumbling gangster who is shot dead and then transformed by a mad scientist into a cyborg – kin of like aan Asian Robocop. This DVD, which streets May 25 with a $24.99 list price, will include a 40-minute interview with Miike, audio commentary by Tom Mes and other extras. Also on Artsmagic?s U.S. slate is THE SPIRAL (a.k.a. RASEN, and no relation to Higuchinsky?s UZUMAKI, which has also gone by the SPIRAL tag), a sequel to RINGU based on Koji Suzuki?s book and directed by Joji (ANOTHER HEAVEN) Iida.”

Source: Fangoria, The Artsmagic DVD company