Will the Lion Bring Back the ‘Blair Witch’?

It’s been over four years since The Blair Witch: Book of Shadows graced the theaters and created its own small cult following. Now that Lions Gate has acquired Artisan Films, The Blair Witch is now back open for business, read on for details.
Over at Haxen’s official site, there has been some progress regarding Blair Witch 3, Ed Sanchez, co-director of the first film writes, “We sent out the treatment for the BLAIR WITCH PREQUEL to LION’S GATE yesterday. 9 pages of dark-ass horror set in 1786 about the origin of the legend. Good ****. We’re all pretty happy with the way it turned out and think that it’ll make a really scary script and film. The townspeople of BLAIR really get hammered in this one. It?s brutal but hell-they all deserve it for what they do to Elly. Now it’s in LION’S GATE’S hands. We’re really hoping they dig it.”

Source: Haxen Films