Ridley Scott Joins the ‘Diamond Dead’ Team!

A scooper over at AICN writes in, “I’m here in LA helping DIAMOND DEAD get off and running, and thought you’d be interested to know that RIDLEY SCOTT and SCOTT FREE PRODUCTIONS have just hopped on board. You heard right- Ridley Scott is joining Andrew Gaty as co-producer of a film directed by George Romero. This is great news for the production, and for fans of George- for obvious reasons.” In addition to this news, they are looking for interns to help with the movie! Read on for details…
The scooper continues, “We’re looking for some passionate fans who’d be interested in helping us out. Right now we’re looking to build a great team of interns (doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a phone). Motivation and passion are the key factors in who we’re looking for- so if anyone’s interested, email me (cover letter and resume, or just tell me about yourself, why and how you want to help- no attached files…) at MCGOWAN@DIAMONDDEAD.COM

In short, there’s an opportunity to work on this film as it is being wheeled to the launching pad. You don’t need industry experience to apply- we want people who would LOVE to work on this film. “

Source: Aint it Cool News