Richard Hartley on ‘Diamond Dead’ and More!

George Romero’s next film Diamond Dead has been getting even more interactive as development for the film is progressing. One great way they’ve done this is by hosting a chat with Richard Hartley on 3/27/04 at the official Diamond Dead website giving everyone the chance to ask him some questions. If you missed out on this special occasion, don’t fret, SuperHeidi was on the prowl and has some highlights for you inside!
Our staff reporter SuperHeidi writes in the following report:

As you may or may not already know, George Romero (The Romero) and Richard Hartley (Composer of the Rocky Horror Picture Show) along with Brian Cooper are making a film called Diamond Dead. It involves music, that much I’m sure of.

The great thing about this project is that the Diamond Dead team is allowing the fans of the project up-to-the-minute updates about everything that’s going on, along with a chance to ask questions, participate in the experience, and even help out. Cameron Romero, Joel Dinkel, Jason D. Ralph, and the rest of the Diamond Dead team are involved in making this the most interactive production as of yet. One great way they’ve done this is by hosting a chat with Richard Hartley on 3/27/04 at the Diamond Dead website giving everyone the chance to ask him some questions.

Didn’t make the chat? That’s too bad. Thanks to the many many miracles provided by the internet and websites, I can provide you with a run-down of what happened. In fact, I can tell you everything in half the time.

What went on in the chat?
I’ve picked out some highlights for you:

Richard Hartley Regarding Diamond Dead:

-I’ve been working on Diamond Dead for about a year, I thought it was a great idea, and after a lot of orchestral scores thought I should go back to my roots

– Diamond Dead is great fun Brian Cooper is very talented, with Rocky there was a team Jim Brian T Sue B and Richard and I had worked together on other things and we worked well together until…….

– I just hope we can get this made, we have all put a lot of effort into this and I think its time for an original idea to surface from the gloom that is released these days

– It depends on the lyric I’m not good with ‘Moon and June’ songs, Brian Cooper wrote a great lyric for Diamond Dead ‘Crash Test Dummies in Love’ its a love song about 2 people who should be together

Richard Hartley Regarding the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

– I think the RHPS thing is quite remarkable, I’ll never forget going to a convention in NYC in 1978 with ROB and everyone except Tim we were speechless

– Shock Treatment (the sequel to Rocky Horror picture Show) ROB wrote the lyrics and again he had a few ideas for the music, but that went thru so many changes and ended up a bit of a mess…mainly the script too many cooks

– Sometimes people get the wrong idea about the rocky music, I think it works best when its a little RAW, its not exactly Rogers & Hammerstein, that’s why the fans have the right idea!

– Shock Treatment started as a sequel, Breaking Out was sung by Rocky as he carried Frank from the ruins over to Dr Scott to be brought back to life, it was a great script…the rest is for my memoirs!

– I didn’t do over at the Frankenstein place

– We just put all our favorite bits from 50’s 60’s songs and hoped for the best. The time warp was put in ’cause there wasn’t a dance routine and it is a musical after all

– I had full control over the music. Rocky Horror Picture Show was recorded in 4 days then we spent a week on the vocals and overdubbed the brass and strings and mixed in 2 days ST took a little longer. Too many drugs!!!

Regarding his Alice in Wonderland Score:

-The drummer bass player and one of the guitarists were from Procul Harem ’cause we wanted a gothic sound, Count played in the original stage production with me Rabbit was with The Who for a while and he

Richard in general:

– I love trashy pop music, I listen to Radio 1 which is the main pop station here, also I have a friend who is record reviewer and he sends me things

– Favorite movie? That’s difficult to say, they are all different it usually depends on the director. I had a great time with Bertolucci on Stealing Beauty ’cause he really likes music in films

– I used to be in an R&B band, but I got stage fright

The Fans who came to the chat:

Autumn: it’s okay if he’s slow, he’s Richard

Cosmo: We are asking him questions from 30 years ago, we understand if it takes a while :-)

Best Question of the entire chat?

Mr. Hartley, what new, dark corners of the human psyche do you want to explore with Diamond Dead? Anything you haven’t examined yet?

Mr. Hartley’s best answer?

– I have to go in a minute I’m hungry

There you have it. Go visit the Diamond Dead website and sign up for future chats and a chance to participate in one of the most interesting collaborations of recent years in the horror world.

Source: SuperHeidi, Official Website