Rob Zombie and Steve Niles ‘The Nail’ Details

Coming this June from Dark Horse Comics is Steve Niles and Rob Zombie’s collaborative project entitled The Nail. The reason this four part comic book series is so important is because it will eventually become a full-length feature film! Read on for details on the comic along with a look at the first issues cover.
Is that Wolverine or am I going nuts?

Dark Horse Comics writes, “Rock star, filmmaker, and horror maven Rob Zombie teams up with comics? hippest horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) for the most outrageous comics thriller of the year! In the creepy, gore-drenched tradition of such cinematic ’70s classics as Duel and The Hills Have Eyes comes The Nail!

Small-time pro-wrestler Rex Hauser (a.k.a. The Nail) makes a living touring the small-town wrestling circuit with his family. It’s business as usual for this close-knit bunch until they unwittingly cross paths with a murderous gang of satanic bikers. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill devil worshippers. In fact, Hauser and his family just might be up against the most un-Godly evil ever known to man!

“Blood, guts, wrestlers, the ’70s, and a satanic biker. Now that’s a recipe for a good time!” commented series co-writer Steve Niles. “Honestly, The Nail is one of the strangest projects I’ve ever worked on, and that’s a good thing!” Niles continued. “I think this one will make people squirm… and that’s a good thing, too!”

The Nail is a four-issue series co-written by Rob Zombie and Steve Niles featuring art by Nat Jones with covers by Simon Bisley. It arrives on sale June 9 with a retail price of $2.99.”

Source: Dark Horse Comics