Enter the ‘Van Helsing Ride’

Opening May 7th, the same day as the movie, Universal Hollywood’s brand spanking new Van Helsing ride opens to the public. Inside is the official press release about the ride, which includes actual props from the movie!
Comingsoon received the following press release, “The dark and supernatural world of 19th century Transylvania comes to life at Universal Studios Hollywood in “Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula,” an all-new attraction inspired by Universal Pictures’ Van Helsing opening simultaneously with the film’s nationwide debut on May 7.

Mirroring the thrilling suspense of Stephen Sommers’ highly-anticipated movie, “Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula” will transport guests to a world inhabited by the characters that plague man’s deepest nightmares: Dracula, The Frankenstein Monster and The Wolf Man, the time-honored pantheon of classic Universal monsters who have been re-imagined by Stephen Sommers’ as cutting edge creatures.

Scores of spine-tingling special effects as well as hundreds of artifacts, original props and set pieces, created for the movie, will be experienced throughout the attraction.

Guests walking through “Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula” will pass through a shadowy portal and into Dracula’s Castle where they’ll join legendary monster hunter Professor Van Helsing and Princess Anna Valerious on their crusade to rid the world of fiendish creatures engaged in a never-ending war upon the human race.

Trapped within Dracula’s eerie crypt, surrounded by clusters of flying pygmy bats, undulating pods and swarms of feeding rats, guests will plunge deep into the catacombs, assaulted on all sides by the sounds of howling werewolves and the moans of shuffling corpses.

Along the way, guests must traverse an unstable 50-foot bridge overlooking a dark laboratory where Frankenstein’s Monster, shaking violently, is suspended upon a slab and the hideous figure of Igor swings erratically from a giant rope.

Within a structure incorporating the film’s original Gothic fagade, “Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula” will also allow guests a close-up view of the movie’s original costumes, sets, special effects, make-up prosthetics and monsters.

Universal Pictures’ Van Helsing is directed and written by Stephen Sommers. The film is produced by Stephen Sommers and Bob Ducsay, executive produced by Sam Mercer and stars Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Richard Roxburgh, David Weham, Will Kemp, Kevin J. O’Connor.”

Source: Unviversal Studios, Comingsoon.net