Please… Contain Your Excitement For Just a Second

I know you’re all excited, since I’m about to announce some earth shattering news; well it’s only earth shattering if you’re Todd McFarlane. Continuing on their mission to self implode, and give NECA the new reign of horror figure god, McFarlane toys revealed their next big toy surprise, and they aren’t even that big. Inside you’ll find out what it is…
Is there a reason they couldn’t make the following in 18″ form? Maybe they’re saving it for next years line! reports that both the Alien and Predato figure from the box set are coming in 12 inch form, “They’re virtually the same figures as the previously released Alien and Predator Boxed Set, but they are the original versions and arguably the best.

These 12 inch versions of the legendary space monsters will arrive in stores this July to get fans ready for the upcoming Alien vs Predator film.

The updated versions of each figure will come with a brand new custom base.”

I know I know, you can’t wait to get your hands on them!