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Patrick Lussier Talks Fourth ‘Dracula’ Film

A fun little “what if” hit the web courtesy of the good folks at who chatted with director Patrick Lussier about a planned fourth Dracula film that never came to be. Before directing My Bloody Valentine 3D, Lussier got behind the camera for Dimension Films’ Dracula 2000, Dracula II: Ascension and Dracula III: Legacy. Read on for the short blurb.
Joel Soisson and I originally wanted to continue the adventures of Uffizi… and before that, had even discussed a theatrical sequel to D2K but none of those came to pass, I’m afraid,” he tells

But if you want to know what happened next… The Cardinal picks up Luke, forces him back into Transylvania to find Uffizi… only they find Julia, now mistress of the vampire horde. Uffizi’s bugged out on his own quest. Mayhem, of course, would’ve ensued.



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