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Megan Fox ‘Buffy’ Rumor a Load of Bull Crap

I’m not even going to cite the source because this rumor is so ridiculous and obviously “made up” (if you only saw their other so-called scoops that went along with this), but apparently a bunch of other legitimate websites have already started picking up on the story. So here it is, we checked in with the producers of the forthcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer remake who tells us that the rumors floating around the web about Megan Fox being in talks/cast as the new Buffy are 100% bogus, made-up, bull crap. How about they write a script first? The best part is I e-mailed the website last night and informed them of their bogus story, to which they ignored and left up. Looking for hits, eh?
Might as well get something out of this stupid arse news post:



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