Like Watching Movies and Writing Reviews?

If so, then we want you! Bloody-Disgusting will soon be expanding with the addition of a sister site named Freeze Dried Movies. FDM will be covering all the cool new movies that don’t fall under the “bloody” and/or “disgusting” categories, complete with the up to the minute news you’re used to at BD, sweet interviews, and latest reviews… and that’s where you come in, read on for more details
With the launching of our new sister site Freeze Dried Movies, our goal is to give you one of the most accurate, reliable, and up to date sources for new movie news. Wanting to expand on the horror genre, FDM will cover all the sci-fi, action, fantasy, and super-hero films that just wouldn’t fit in at BD.

We can’t do this alone though, and are looking for a few good potential staffers to help us out.. mainly in the area’s of DVD and theatrical movie reviews.

Take a look at some of our requirements, and if you think you’ve got what it takes let us know!

  • you must have great spelling and grammar skills
  • we are looking for someone who can submit timely dvd and movie reviews, slackers need not apply
  • got a passion for movies good and bad? good, we only want people who love movies.. plain and simple.
  • sorry kids, you must be 18 or over and in the US or Canada

    If that sounds like you, send an email to and let us know. Including any reviews you’ve written in the past or links to curret samples of your work will help us out tremendously.

    Also, please note.. this is a fan run site and we will not be able to pay you for your time, this is a position for the devoted movie buff only! We can (and will) however reimburse you for your hard work by getting you into screeners and sneak previews, and sending you movie passes along with all sorts of promotional goodies.

    We look forward to hearing from and hopefully working with you at Freeze Dried Movies!

    – BD