Oh Hell Yeah! Don’t Answer Your ‘Phone’

As everyone knows, after the success of Dreamwork’s The Ring, a remake of the Japanese film Ringu, Hollywood has been snatching up remake right to everything, from The Eye to Pulse. Recently the Korean film Tale of Two Sisters was picked up to be remade; now the amazing Korean flick Phone – I can’t wait till 2005! Read on for the skinny.
The Hollywood Reporter writes that Focus Features’ new Rogue division — which specializes in the distribution of high-quality suspense, action, thriller and urban features — has come aboard a U.S. remake of the Korean horror hit Phone.

Directed by Byeong-ki Ahn, the original “Phone” was one of the highest-grossing local films released in South Korea two years ago, dialing up admissions of nearly 2 million.

“Phone” centers on a reporter who changes her cell phone number after publishing a controversial article that results in death threats. But when a friend’s daughter answers the new phone and exhibits increasingly bizarre behavior, the reporter begins to investigate a mysterious string of deaths that have haunted her phone number’s previous owners.”

Seriously guys, if you haven’t seen this, hit Ebay and get your hands on a copy!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter