Word form the Premiere of ‘The Janitor’

Our staff interviewer SuperHeidi attended the premeire of The Janitor in LA the other night and was so excited about the flick, she wanted to share her thoughts with and what she saw with you. Inside is her rpeort from the screening along with a link to get yourself even more excited. Don’t stay after school too late…
On April 8th, at 7:30 pm, several hundred people gathered in the screening auditorium of the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood (right across from the Kill Bill Volume 2 premiere) to witness the first mass screening of The Janitor, a new independent horror film by Andy Signore and TJ Nordaker. The crowd was excited, the filmmakers a little nervous, but if the reactions of the audience are any way to gauge a film’s success, I think we can all agree that the Janitor blew everyone away.

In what was an impressively organized event, Nordaker, Signore, and John Carreon (a producer and star of the film) introduced their film with flair. Using cool ideas like raffle prizes (including nude maid service) to pump up the excitement level, the filmmakers brought the crowd up to a level of excitement usually reserved for drunken people and Clay Aiken concerts.

Of course, the film itself was hilarious, featuring martial arts sequences, unrequited love, severed arms (many severed arms) excessive bleeding from the mouth, and a guest appearance by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman. This film is due out soon and more can be seen at their site www.janitormovie.com

Oh, you’ll just have to wait for the review, or you can try to get a sneak peak at it through the filmmakers…It?s worth it, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. It looks like these guys will be pretty busy for a while due to the success of their film..

Source: Official Site