‘Seed of Chucky’ Trailer Description

Since some of us can’t wait until the Seed of Chucky trailer goes online tis week, or until we see Kill Bill Vol 2, Justin sent in a description of the trailer he saw during a Kill Bill screening. Read on if you want to know what to expect. Seed of Chucky hits theaters October 29th.
justin writes, “I just went to a preview of Kill Bill Vol. 2 and the teaser trailer for Seed of Chucky was attached. It’s fairly short, but it got me amped up. It starts with a sonogram image of a baby with phrases poping up every few seconds like…”They are the future…” and stuff like that.

During these phrases, the camera is panning in closer to the baby’s head. Then the baby turns it’s head and has Chucky’s face followed by the laugh we all know and love…then the title and coming October 2004..

Interesting – but no baby images yet – ah such a tease!