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Director Confirmed For ‘The Strangers: Part 2’

I hate to get all bitchy and whiny, but we really, really, really push hard to bring you the news first, and when a conglomerate like Variety refuses to drop us credit, it’s infuriating. Last night, they broke what they call “exclusive” news that Laurent Briet will be getting behind the camera for The Strangers: Part 2, a story we reported back in March (yes, four effin’ months ago). But whatever, you guys are here and that’s all that matters. Back on track, shooting begins this fall. Bryan Bertino, who wrote and directed the first film, wrote the sequel. They’re trying to keep the story under wraps, but it takes place in a trailer park, so there ya go. Liv Tyler is said to be returning for the opening scene, although that news has yet to be confirmed. The sequel will be distributed by Rogue, which is wholly owned by Relativity.



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