‘Evil Dead’ Bust and Figures Revealed!

Inside you’ll find an image of both Palisades exclusive 2-Pack that includes a figure of Ash splitting in two, as well as a repainted version of a Deadite Scout figure and a resin statue based on the “Evil Ash” character. The figures stand approximately 4″ tall and feature an incredible 20 points of articulation. This 2-Pack also includes various accessories, including Deadite mace, sword, dagger and shield, a shotgun and holster, the Necronomicon, and seperate bases for each character! Blister card packaging and scheduled to ship September 2004 for $14.99. The statueis produced to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Army of Darkness and is limited to 1993 pieces. read on for images.

News courtesy of Action-Figure and Figures:

Source: Figures, Action-Figure.com