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SDCC ’09: Craig Perry Talks ‘Motel Hell’ Remake Plans



At the San Diego Comic Con we caught up with Craig Perry, who you might know as the producer of the American Pie and Final Destination films. With The Final Destination arriving in theaters August 28th, the producer was on hand to take part in a special 3-D panel presentation that featured footage from the forthcoming fourth film in the franchise. In our exclusive chat, Perry updated us on the status of his Motel Hell remake at MGM, along with what his plans are in terms of laughs vs terror. Also, don’t forget that YOU can talk directly to Mr. Perry at the B-D Final Destination Group, so read on, then head over to the link provided to ask your own questions!
In regards to the previously announced remake of MOTEL HELL, “I just spoke to the head of the division [at MGM], it’s still on the frontrunner of what they’d like to do, but they are obviously trying to figure out how to react to the things that have happened over the last year,” Perry tells Bloody-Disgusting.

I just emailed with Steven Miller [who is attached to direct] last week, hopefully he’ll continue to be attached and we wont lose him to do something else. Once I figure it out I would like it to be – for personal reasons, it’s not a movie I’ll make a lot of money on, but it’s a movie I’ll have so much fun making,” he exclaims adding that they’d like to blend scares with humor more organically, instead of making a straight-up campy film. “I think that people who have an understanding and appreciation of the original will find everything they like about it in the movie. We took great pains to make it coherent, cohesive and readdress the balance,” he continues, “and make it more scary, `cause the first one is kind of campy and fun. We wanted to make it really scary and then we can add some humor to the characters that can echo some of the sensibilities that were present in the first one. If it’s not scary and just a campy romp, it doesn’t work these days. That was a true grindhouse regional release movie.

The classic 1980 horror comedy followed Farmer Vincent’s famous sausage business run out of a hotel that snags unsuspecting tourists and harvests them to become tomorrow’s smoky breakfast links.


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