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Jason Mewes Joins Cast of ‘Breath of Hate’



Jason Mewes (Clerks 2, Zack & Miri Make a Porno) is set to star alongside Ezra Buzzington (Halloween 2) and Felissa Rose (Return to Sleepaway Camp) in the Velvet Hammer Films/ArsonCuff Entertainment production of Breath of Hate. Directed by Sean Cain (Silent Night, Zombie Night) and written by Wes Laurie, Breath centers around a young woman in the escort business who, on her last job, is confronted by a trio of escaped mental patients looking to change the world – one victim at a time.
Audiences know him as the foul-mouthed Jay in the Kevin Smith movies, but he’s got a sweet side that’s the perfect counterpoint to the darkness in our story,” Cain says. “His character is a gamer nerd who falls for a escort. It’s through his love that he brings her back from being a walking suicide.

Also joining the cast are Lauren Walsh (18 Year Old Virgin), Jack Forcinito (Silent Night, Zombie Night), Ted Prior (Surf Nazis Must Die) and Alexis Sibolis (Plaguers). Breath begins filming in late summer. This is the second teaming of Wes Laurie’s ArsonCuff Entertainment and Sean Cain’s Velvet Hammer Films. They are currently finishing post-production on Silent Night, Zombie Night.


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